SUMMARY of Demigod and Semi devil

another novel by Jin Yong, known in Indonesia as pendekar-pendekar negri tayli, satria negri tayli, demigod and semi devil, summary, free download.

The King of Sai Ha was discussing plans to invade China with his assistant. Outside masked men climb the castle walls. Upon climbing the walls the masked men immediately made the King their target. The masked men were unsuccessful though as the King was well protected, by the 4 Big Bad Guys and an unknown general. The masked men retreated as the soldiers give chase. Men from Coy Bong emerge to lend the masked men assistance to help fight off the 4 Big Bad Guys and the Sai Ha soldiers. Although they battled bravely the men from Coy Bong were heavily outnumbered. Suddenly Kiu Fung emerged to lend the men a hand and single handily fought with the 4 Big Bad Guys. Master Bak of Coy Bong was heavily injured during the battle and was conveyed to safety by fellow Coy Bong members. Suddenly the unknown Sai Ha general arrives and joins in to battle with Kiu Fung.

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